Teknologi: Cloud-based Teambuilding

Cloud Challenge is a tech event product, which uses the newest technology. The solution is obvious when it comes to teambuilding events. Whether the subject is the upcoming business trip for the employees, or co-operation within the organization on a department level.

Locally and Globally, from Aarhus to Barcelona

Our headquarters is located by Aarhus in Eastern Jutland, but Cloud Challenge works globally. We have, among other things, delivered solutions in Aarhus, Berlin and Barcelona.

Our participants are separated into groups of 5 to 6 people. They are given a tablet which through GPS and 4G data guides the group around in the chosen terrain. As they go along, different tasks and questions are given to the group, which they must answer to complete the planned Cloud Challenge. As a teambuilding activity, Cloud Challenge is optimal, since we always adjust the tasks so that we can cover as many competencies as possible. This ensures a good dynamic and strengthens the level of understanding and teamwork in the group.

A solution with great flexibility

The activity is very flexible, since we as previously mentioned can carry out a Cloud Challenge at any location. The newest technology ensures that the content is also flexible, seeing that the tasks and questions are easily adapted to the participants. Together we identify what the overall goal with the activity is. The content will subsequently be adjusted, so it suits the client properly. We can even implement branch focused tasks and questions very easily. This of course always happens in collaboration with the individual client. Finally, we use the solution to create virtual Escape rooms.

An independent event or a component in a combined solution

This solution can function independently but can with great advantage be used as a component in a coherent event, where the solution could be used to, for example, guide the participants from one place to another. Timewise, we typically spend 2-4 hours but have also delivered activities as short as 30 minutes.

We provide all the hardware and our instructors always provide an elaborate introduction both to the activity and the platform before everything starts. Technology is now an active part of teambuilding.

The Cloud Challenge activity easily fits, by and large, in all forms of events, hence why we see more and more conference centres and hotels book us time after time. Quantity – we accommodate everything from 4 participants to several hundreds.

The financial aspect?

We produce 1:1 solution, as we feel the unique event always ensures the best result for our clients. But as a guiding principle, you can count on 50 € per person, for a teambuilding course with our Cloud Challenge platform as the pivotal point.

We will gladly help you get settled with an exciting Team event.

If you want to hear more about the activity and whether it will suit your next company event, teambuilding or management course, well then you are welcome to contact Jesper Tikiøb at +45 40379620 or jesper@tikioeb-event.dk. Finally, you can read more here on the website.