Indoor cycling – Join us?

Corporate Events has been a part of your buisness the last 20 years. The same for cycling-events. Cycling for Grand Fondo riders, buisness people, pro´s, kids and youngsters. Now we are trying to gather everyone together. For anyone cycling and using the virtuel training platform ZWIFT.

ZWIFT for everyone

The platform is a fun and effective pieces of software that can accommodate all levels and workouts. As user you are riding around in a virtuel world, with a lot of diffenrent routes and worlds to choice. In the virtuel world you will also see a lot of other cyclist from across the world. All with there own avatar. You are not force to cycle with others, but you can.


ZWIFT also has a wide range of nuanced add-ons. You can also compete in virtuel race. The races are sort into different categories, you choice the category after your watt/kg. You can also made your own trainingprogram and ride it in the cloud. Finally, as a user you can also create a “Meet-up”. Here you can as a host invite other zwifters to a virtuel training or social-ride. And we Tikiøb Event are inviting you now.

We are your guides

Do you not have the app, ZWIFT Companion, you need to install it to your mobile device. From here you can find our guides Christian Moberg and Jesper Tikiøb. Start to follow both and you will be invitet to our next ZWIFT Meet-up. All the info will be from the ZWIFT Companion app.

  • Christians ZWIFT-username: Christian Moberg [FUSION DEVO A]
  • Jespers ZWIFT-username: Jesper Tikioeb
Join the ride

We are offer a Meet-up every weak so check you companien app or the facebook-side – Vi cykler for more info. The software function ”Keep Everyone together” is enabel, so the group will be together and you will get the best out of the excersices from our guides. Christian Moberg or Jesper Tikiøb will be your guide . In the  ZWIFT-univers its easy to recognize them, they has a yellow mark over his avatar. To get in to the meet-up you just need to start a normal training ride in zwift. We recommend to be at your bike minimum 15 minuts before the start of the Meet-up. The system will send you automatic to the Meet-up if you dont touch anything. After the Meet-up you can of course train even more if you want to.

What about the gear?

If you are not already into indoor cykling we can offer personel advice and equipment selection. Among other things, we have choice the Wahoo products. Wahoo has the ***** indoor trainingsystem, with the best solution for you.

Ideal for beginners

Our expericens is that its the perfect way to get into cycling. There is no stress and your can do it your own way. Here you can calmy get on the bike, click in and out and get to know the gear. And get used to your bike position. Tikiøb Event always helps you with a great trainingprogram for you. We also have a good idea of position on the bike and more specific things into cycling.

Advice to training and new equipment

Do you have any questions or just need some advice feel free to contact us at: Christian Moberg,  phone: +45 87610620