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Tikiøb Event offer substantial Cloud-Challenge events in action. The Cloud-Challenge events are offered either as an independent event or as a part of a bigger event.

We create solidarity and heighten the dialogue

Our Cloud-challenge events are an innovative, substantial and entertaining IT-platform that brings the participants closer together, and activates every individual in the group. Simultaneously, the platform strengthens the skills of communication between the participants.

Globally and locally

Cloud-Challenge events function globally – we produce the event exactly where you would like. We can execute the event indoors and outdoors or in a combination of both. It is up to you.

We design your Cloud-Challenge events

Cloud-Challenge events are an experience for every participant. The game tells the exact story you wish to communicate to the participants. The entire concept is build up around a stream of tasks the participants have to solve.

The participants find and access the tasks by the means of mobile units, which navigate through GPS-signals and mobile data. Besides that, QR codes and beacons can also take part in the event.

We can warmly recommend our Cloud-challenge product in a lot of different circumstances. Here are a couple of examples.

  • Teambuilding
    Strengthen the organization and the unique relations in your team, when we integrate teambuilding exercises in to the platform.
  • Sightseeing
    Relaxation and insight. Our Cloud-Challenge events are an obvious way to learn about and experience a whole new place. Learn all about the geography, shopping opportunities, local stories and landmarks of the given area. It is also evident as a corporate event for example as a part of a conference.
  • Product- and organization development
    Use our platform as a learning experience, coaching and communication of tangible knowledge within your field of expertise that is relevant for exactly your company.
  • Just for fun
    Company party, jubilee, birthdays, town and city festivals or just a fun Friday on the job. This is just some of the occasions where our Cloud-challenge platform brings out a smile. The platform can be used as a simple quizzing-tool as well, where the participants doesn’t have to move around but stays in place. This could be the conference room or cantina.
Workshops – Ready to go

We usually produce our workshop from time to time depending on what the customer wants. We also have ready-made and well-tested solutions ready for use, regardless of where your event is to be held the game is ready to be played. Duration from one to two hours. Further information and booking of our workshops via the contact form below. You are also welcome to call +4540379620. Thanks in advance.

Agent V & the Doomsday Bomb 2.0 is an indoor spy and code mystery for teams.

Teams solve tasks and codes to accomplish a larger mission. The goal is to calculate the correct code and disable the doomsday bomb within 1 hour of playing.

The winning team is the team that’s disable the bomb first. Very funny and enthralling.

Further information and booking via the contact form below. Thanks in advance.

100 Coins is an exciting outdoor workshop. 

The idea is that participants move around the terrain while answering questions. The questions trigger gives positive or negative coins after answering. The team that is closest to 100 coins has won.

Further information and booking via the contact form below. Thanks in advance.

Amazing Crazyteam Quiz is a fun teambuilding game that can be played wherever you are!

The idea is that the participants solve a number of creative photo task, team exercises and trivia tasks. This workshop creates great discussions and lots of laughs! The goal is to know colleagues better and complete physical and mental challenges as a team!

Further information and booking via the contact form below. Thanks in advance.

A team game with focus on UNs sustainable development goals

Homo sapiens are destroying the planet.

Deadline year 2030.

Do your team have the power and courage to change it before
we are all doomed and Armageddon will rule the planet.

Further information and booking via the contact form below. Thanks in advance.

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