When the company goes Alpine skiing

We have just started the New Year and it is time for exercise and dieting. A trend which also gets us in the form of an increasing demand for active and healthy events. Several of our customers are offering an experience on ski in the Alpes to their employees. A super rewarding way to relaunch the new business year.

Critics will probably argue that a trip on skis is just an employer-paid vacation. We do not agree. As an employer, you can get a great benefit out of being with employees in informal and unknown environments. The genius of skiing along with colleagues and employees is also that the participants meet up across the organization. When it comes to the skiing performance we are all very different, we have widely different degrees of experience and expertise. Before long, we ski in informal groups. It is quite clear a gift and a benefit to the organization that employees meet that way. It creates understanding for each other privately and professionally and it will be a benefit for the business.

Our clear recommendation is that you as an employer need to remember to share new and different experiences and activities with your employees. It is very rewarding and create a great team spirit within the organization. Employee Events is obviously much more than a trip on skis. The fresh and healthy experience is worth considering here in the dark winter season.

Back in the Alpes we have just finished 3½ days in Austria with a group of employees from a Danish technology company. We handled the entire program and was involved all the way round to ensure the event. Having us on board provides a calm and secure environment while you as the employer can focus only on getting the maximum out of the informal gatherings with the employees.

We have a good nose for finding the right venues. Our goal is to create a unique event which subsequently can only be shared internally between employees and the employer. A good team is the way to success.

Do you need advice and ideas for your upcoming employee events we will be happy to help you out? We have provided consulting for corporate events in more than 20 years.

Jesper Tikiøb
januar 2017