’Stegt flæsk’ and unique relations

We believe that relations between coworkers is strengthened through positive shared experiences, and that this will improve the social work environment in the long term. Eventually this will result in a stronger organization and better bottom line figures.

There are many good suggestions on how to strengthen relations in an organization. Our suggestion is shared activities and we are well equipped to deliver these, with our great ideas and experience.


One of the methods we recommend, is to break the usual framework and move the office or department elsewhere for a while. This will ensure an informal atmosphere, and everyone will be more relaxed, which makes room for the very important dialog and relations between coworkers. It is okay to talk about something else than work related topics. This is part of understanding each other better – not just as coworkers but also as human beings.


We can, among other things, offer a trip to the countryside. We offer meeting and experience facilities in an informal setting approximately 20 minutes from the centrum of Aarhus, and only 5 kilometers from highway E45. The Ebbestrup estate has set the stage for our events for more than 10 years.

You and your team are more than welcome to come and visit us at Ebbestrup. There is plenty of space and together we will create a program that makes sure that you reach your goal with your stay, whichever that may be.

  • Meeting facilities in “Farmerstable” with room for up to 60 people
  • Teambuilding
  • ATV motorride. We have 135 hectares of woods, fields and meadows at our disposal course
  • Skeet shooting, archery, air rifles
  • Orienteering – a 300-meter-long obstacle course in the woods behind “Farmerstable”
  • Team-cooking
  • GPS and 4G orienteering race – we call it the Cloud Challenge/Mini Le Mans
  • Frisbee Golf

Ebbestrup is optimally used for full day meetings, but also works very well for half day events with activities for three hours and last, but not least, great catering.

As far as food is concerned, our own chef is ready to provide everything from a gourmet meal, cooked over bonfire ore just a traditionnel Barbeque. We agree to this from time to time and are based on our seasonel menu card and use local ingredients. Our bar always serves hot cup of coffee or a cool drink from the fridge. We also offer a variety of wines to suit the menu.

Do you and your coworkers need a day in the countryside for a meeting or a simple, great team-day, with a lot of fun, then you are more than welcome to contact Jesper Tikiøb for more information and to make reservations. Jesper can be contacted by mail: jesper@tikiøb-event.dk or +45 40379620.

Welcome to Ebbestrup for a day in an informal atmosphere.