ATV event – natural experiences for the whole team

The ATV-safari is a fun, exciting, and challenging experience, surrounded by Ebbestrup’s beautiful environment. To companies and private groups we offer a fun and active day on the back of a strong ATV-vehicle, out in the open air.

Only a few miles from the highway E45 exit “Hadsten Nord”, you find Ebbestrup estate.

The place is an old dower house after Clausholm estate and creates the scene for our adventure and ATV-activities. (Watch the short clip at the bottom of the site)

We offer, in a safe environment, a fun and challenging ride on the potent ATV-vehicles.

The facility offers a long trip, where the participants explore every single corner of the 150-hectare estate that is to our disposal. In one area of the forest, close to the main building, we have an awesome technique course, which are around 1000 metres. And finally, we have our beginner area, where we test whether the participants have understood our instructions concerning the ATV-vehicle. It is also the place for the participants to test the ATV-vehicle’s functions.

The three courses are usually combined so one start at the beginner area, then move on to our extended ATV-route, the ATV-safari, and then finally enter our technique course.

An ATV-event can be combined with our other outdoor activities at Ebbestrup, just as we are capable of offering catering at any level. Everything from wine and dine gourmet to pancakes over the open fire.

ATV-Safari at Ebbestrup is normally booked as a half day programme and is a popular choice of event for the employees, clubs and private groups that would like to go out and experience the nature in a new setting.

We design the event to fit exactly what the specific group requires.

To book our facility and ATV-vehicle, together with information regarding prices, call us on +45 87 610 620. It is also a possibility to book the ATV-safari as an off  site event.

Minimum 5 participants. Age limit – 16 years.

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Lots of action, fellowship and content

  • ATV, Yamaha and Polaris
  • Completely automatic
  • Handle course
  • Terrain facility
  • Grill steaks
  • Adrenalin rush
  • Water and mud
  • Bonfire, comfort and a lot of smiles
  • Togetherness

Video from our ATV course at Ebbestrup

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