Own lectures

Discoveries, experiences, victories and defeats since 1993.

Jesper Tikiøb happily tells about up and downs in the shape of spellbinding and entertaining lectures.

Companies, clubs and organisations are all welcome to inquire for one or more of Tikiøb’s lectures.

Faith, hope and deceive?

Is an honest and open narrative revolving the meeting with Lance Armstrong. Tikiøb tells about the process, the person and the event, which in 2003 became well known on everyone’s lips. It is also the story of what the Danish Civil Security Service was doing in Hadsten, it is a story about American pop stars and getting a death threat when one is shopping in the local supermarket. Finally does Tikiøb give his opinion on the doping unveilings in the pro cycling scene and whether it was in, this coincidence, a deception or not? Everything is backed up with beautiful back stage pictures, humour, clear opinions regarding the reality and a twinkle.

Dream hunter

It is a story about being a self-employed businessman in a tough line of business. Show business is not for delicate people and it is filled with lies, suppressions and disappointments. But also meaningful moments that takes you places you never could have believed. It is the story about standing on your own and to do what feels right. It is a personal tale about decisions and discoveries as a self-employed person, but also a tale filled with advice and ideas for other, who wants to become self-employed. The lecture takes experience as the starting point and is then used as teachings.

Product events

A talk about how product events get more and more influence on how we introduce our products to the market as of today. To create a unique story about one’s product, to be remembered and earn a profit in the light of what you have achieved. How is story telling integrated in the common introduction of the market? The starting point of the talk is practically anchored and we look at concrete examples.

The voice of your next event.

Tikiøb Event also offers to be a safe voice in connection with your next event, fair, conference, sports event or the like.

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