Geo-game events

Come and try out geo-game

Tikiøb Event offer substantial geo-game events in action. The geo-game events are offered either as an independent event or as a part of a bigger event.

We create solidarity and heighten the dialogue

Our geo-game events are an innovative, substantial and entertaining IT-platform that brings the participants closer together, and activates every individual in the group. Simultaneously, the platform strengthens the skills of communication between the participants.

Globally and locally

Geo-game events function globally – we produce the event exactly where you would like. We can execute the event indoors and outdoors or in a combination of both. It is up to you.

We design your geo-game events

Geo-game events are an experience for every participant. The game tells the exact story you wish to communicate to the participants. The entire concept is build up around a stream of tasks the participants have to solve.

The participants find and access the tasks by the means of mobile units, which navigate through GPS-signals and mobile data. Besides that, QR codes and beacons can also take part in the event.

We can warmly recommend our geo-game product in a lot of different circumstances. Here are a couple of examples.

  • Teambuilding
    Strengthen the organization and the unique relations in your team, when we integrate teambuilding exercises in to the platform.
  • Sightseeing
    Relaxation and insight. Our Geo-game events are an obvious way to learn about and experience a whole new place. Learn all about the geography, shopping opportunities, local stories and landmarks of the given area. It is also evident as a corporate event for example as a part of a conference.
  • Product- and organization development
    Use our platform as a learning experience, coaching and communication of tangible knowledge within your field of expertise that is relevant for exactly your company.
  • Just for fun
    Company party, jubilee, birthdays, town and city festivals or just a fun Friday on the job. This is just some of the occasions where our Geo-game platform brings out a smile. The platform can be used as a simple quizzing-tool as well, where the participants doesn’t have to move around but stays in place. This could be the conference room or cantina.

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