Events for your customers

TIKIØB event has throughout more than 20 years developed a creative and wide basis existing of alternative, and exclusive options within the spectre revolving client events, meetings, and conference activity. We work local as well as global with our solutions and we will happily share our ideas and mentoring with you, if you are preparing a client event.

  • Receptions
  • Discovery-events
  • Product introductions
  • Corporate travels and seminars
  • Conferences
  • Establishment and servicing of network groups
  • Enabling of sport- and cultural sponsors to the group of client

The goal is, through unforgettable and intense experiences, to build up loyalty and create a bond between the company and it’s clients or partners.

Our client events are always revolving around the client’s needs and wishes. Because of this, every event is unique.

Further information, program suggestions, and more examples of client events is required by addressing Jesper Tikiøb at +45 87 610 620.

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