Tikiøb Event works with events in four tracks

Events for your customers

We call these events, customer events. These are events that have been specifically developed to create the best relationship between you and your customers. It could be receptions, discovery-events or a course- and seminar travel. – Read more about our customer events here.

Events for your employees

We call these events, team events. These events contain different types of teambuilding, experiences in the specific department, and kick-off-events or just the next company or Christmas party. We deal with the whole process, from the idea and the logistics to the complex execution of the entire event programme. Read more about our team events here.

Events in the public space

We call these events, product events. The sales increase through experiences. Storytelling is a popular and often used term in today’s marketing- and event business. We gladly help to tell that story. Whether it is a single event in connection with a product launch or a going on campaign. Read more about our product events here.

Events for everyone

We call these events, public events. We have since 1993, on our own initiative, orchestrated and executed a whole lot of events in the public space. We are best known for the professional cycling criterium in Hadsten, which has throughout the years carried away over 175.000 spectators. You can read more about the race on the site.

Public sports events at Frijsenborg Estate in Oestjutland is another good example. We have in many years, through cooperation with the grand earl at Frijsenborg, offered firms, organisations, clubs and private persons a lovely day filled with exercises such as running, walk and cycling.

With our 20 years of experience in orchestration and execution of bigger events we see ourselves well suited for carrying out consultancy work for other organizers such as Danish Parasport Federation (Dansk Handicap Idrætsforbund), the Rotary Clubs in Favrskov, Aarhus 1900, Gram Estate (Gram slot) and the Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (Gigtforeningen).

We offer to compile a functional sequence for our customers, so that they are secured continuity in their client- and team events.

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