Use sports and culture in your business.

Tikiøb Event has a lot of experience with sponsors within the world of sports and culture. There has to be two satisfied sides to create the foundation of a strong and prolonged partnership. The one needing a sponsorship and the one offering a sponsorship has to agree with each other. We will gladly help within this area, as we understand both worlds and have been placed on both sides of the table throughout the years.

Especially the use of a sponsorship is important if you wants to achieve the optimal results, even though the deal might have been agreed with the main purpose of exposing the company’s brand.

We can see the alternative solutions and contribute in making the small difference that lands you the big deal.

TIKIØB Event contributes furthermore with a review of existing agreements, so that you can get a pair of fresh eyes to optimize the company’s sponsor agreements or general strategy within the area. Companies often invest a lot of money in sponsorships and after the contract is signed they forget to be active and demanding. All sponsorships have to be treated and used professionally. Sponsorships are often the entrance to a new and immense network that can indirectly lead to new business.

Call Jesper Tikiøb, +45 87 610 620 to get a talk about how your company can get an advantage by professionally cooperating with the sport and the culture.

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